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  • Why You Should Attend Information Development World 2015

    Two years ago, Val Swisher and I sat down and tried to figure out how to solve one of the biggest communication challenges facing businesses today: Schizophrenic brand experiences caused by unnecessarily incongruent content. Content produced by different teams of information developers, in different ways, with different words, with different tools, using different tones of voice, different […]

  • [Workshop] Getting to Success: Implementing a Content Strategy

    It’s one thing to understand how to work with the various deliverables that form part of a content strategy. It’s another thing to understand how to initiate a strategy, get it approved, and then develop the strategy itself and deliver on the implementation. There is as much to understand about developing and implementing a content […]

  • Intelligent Content in the Experience Age

    In the Experience Age, consumers expect much more from brands than they have in the past. Once they’ve enjoyed an exceptional customer experience, they become intolerant of confusing, irrelevant, and inconsistent content. Brands that recognize this fact and deliver exceptional content experiences across all customer touchpoint will be rewarded with loyalty. In order to deliver […]