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  • The Counterpoint of Content Flow

    By Karl Montevirgen, special to The Content Wrangler As content creators and consumers, we’re all aware of the multiple dynamics at play when it comes to viewing and creating content. Content has a kind of flow.  It directs movement within and between pieces of content, exhibiting diverse rhythms, densities, and forms. Content flow, as we perceive […]

  • “What Software Do We Need?” Is The Wrong First Question

    By Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler As a content strategy consultant, I’m often called upon by brands seeking to find ways to solve complex content challenges. Far too often, they start off their quest for a solution by asking the wrong first question: “What software do we need?” This is the wrong first question for […]

  • [Slide Deck] How To Use Neuroscience To Create Memorable Presentations

    Did you know that audiences forget 90% of what you present? That is significant. To make matters worse, the 10% people remember differs between members of your audience. So how can you control the 10% they remember? In the past decade, brain imaging technology has dramatically increased our understanding of the brain. We now know […]