Month: February 2004

Managing The Complexity Of Content Management

In Managing The Complexity Of Content Management (February 2004, Boxes and Arrows), Victor Lombardi writes, “Content management systems suck. Or so you would think from the strife heard from analysts and practitioners alike. And yet, many websites regularly publish vast amounts of information with superior control and ease compared to manually editing pages. So where’s the disconnect between what’s possible and the too-often failure of CMS?” Check out this short, informative article. You’ll learn ten problems from which many content management projects suffer and ways to avoid them. You’ll also uncover a variety of online resources for content management...

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Using Google To Locate XML Files

If you’re interested in XML, don’t forget to search the “constantly updated, massive index of XML files known as Google”. Author and XML guru Bob DuCharme says Google is “quite a resource” and explains, in his column for, how to search the Google index to locate XML files on the web. Learn how harnessing the power of Google can help you discover how others are using XML, the DocBook DTD, RDF and...

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