Month: October 2005

Implementing DITA for DocBook

Norm Walsh does some analysis and attempts to tweak DocBook to address the four technical differences he says the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) provides technical documentation authors. A topic-oriented authoring paradigm A cross-referencing scheme that’s more practical than XML’s flat ID space SGML’s conref, reinvented An extensibility model based...

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Trippe on DITA: Yes, You Still Have to Model Your Content

In DITA Lets Tech Publishers ‘Eat Their Cake’ (Intelligent Enterprise), Bill Trippe writes: “The Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) is finally pushing aside roadblocks that have stood in the way of adopting XML-based publishing.” The article addresses (briefly) the often avoided issue of content modeling (some writers think adopting DITA means they don’t have to model their content—a fallacy). It also points out what many consultants have been saying: DITA requires customization (called ‘specialization’ in DITA lingo). There are significant costs associated with specializing DITA that may make it the wrong choice for some organizations. Trippe doesn’t address this...

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