CM Pros Spring Summit 2007 San Francisco: Call For Participation

CM Pros has issued a Call for Participation for their bi-annual Summit, April 13, 2007, at The Palace Hotel in historic San Francisco. The theme of the event is “Managing Content Management Implementation Projects”.

Here’s a snippet from the announcement: “The Spring CM Pros Summit focuses on how to effectively manage content management projects. Because many factors impact content management systems—including significant financial costs, stakeholders from all levels of an organization, new business processes as well as complex tools and technologies—the stakes and risks are high. Effective project management increases the likelihood of successfully implementing a content management system that meets your business requirements, on schedule, and on budget. This summit will cover how to effectively plan, manage, and implement complex content management projects. The goal is to give participants a range of tools they can use for their projects.”


What Types Of Participation Are They Looking For?

“CM Pros is looking for moderators to lead roundtable discussions and instructors to lead hands-on workshops that meet the overall theme of the conference (Managing Content Management Projects). Specifically, we’re interested in sessions dedicated to:

  • Managing project stakeholders—Who are the key stakeholders in a content management process? How do you create buy-in and manage expectations? How do you manage the organizational and people changes required to implement this technology?
  • Creating project roadmaps—What are the elements of a content management implementation project? What are the best practices and processes? How do you develop business cases and return on investment models, identify and manage risk, define and manage quality metrics?
  • Understanding tools, technologies, and best practices—What are the nuts and bolts required of a content management system? What are the qualities of an effective implementation that embrace best practices and deliver on the promise of content management?

Submitting A Proposal

“CM Pros welcomes submissions at all levels; many of the conference attendees are experts in their fields, while some are new to content management. Submissions must meet all the requirements. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed. All sessions must be submitted in the requested abstract format and must be original work of professional quality. To be considered, send your submission to by Noon EST January 22, 2007.  Note: Marketing/promotional presentations will not be considered.”


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