By Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler

It’s no mystery. Most marketing campaigns suck. They use old-school methods with new technologies and don’t deliver the results they should. Most often, campaigns fail to perform as well as they should because most marketing folks don’t have the tools they need to properly segment and deliver personalized marketing messages. Nor do they have the time nor resources to create and manage such campaigns efficiently. That is, until now.

image To help marketing professionals accomplish their goals, we’re offering a new service called VDP Complete, a proprietary methodology and technology which combines direct mail and personalized web pages into a complete prospecting program that outperforms traditional marketing approaches. The program is based entirely on the concepts we’ve been writing about on The Content Wrangler for the past several years: dynamic content, personalization, and delivering the right information, to the right people, in the right format, at the right time, and in the right language, and real-time reporting of metrics with meaning.

Who Is Using VDP Complete Today?

We’ve already got dozens of clients using the program already. One familiar name you’ll recognize is Caterpillar. Like many companies, Caterpillar was searching for a lead generation system to supply its outside representatives with appointments that would decrease wasted time and drive sales. The program needed to touch diverse market segments over a wide geographic area and handle regional and even local nuances (personalization). Each industrial segment uses different equipment and there were several tiers of customers (again, personalization) represented in each. Based on various criteria a marketing campaign was developed that included different copy, art, graphics, and offers which varied dealer-by-dealer.

Learn more about this campaign. Read Caterpillar: Automatic Follow-up on Leads Drives Explosive Growth. See our other case studies.

We’re currently working on campaigns for Marriott, Eli Lilly Credit Union, and a few software companies. We’ll document those case studies here in the very near future.

How Much Does VDP Complete Marketing Campaign Cost?

The cost of a complete VDP Complete campaign (including analysis, list procurement, design, printing, postage, mailing, sorting, tracking, personalized web pages, the opt-in marketing platform, reporting, prospect information downloads, and email sales alerts) varies by volume. To find exactly how much a VDP Complete campaign will cost for your business, use our ROI calculator. The only other costs are the prices of appended mailing lists or any special art or graphics design you specify.

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