The Content Wrangler is a very popular blog—not the most popular in the world, certainly, but coming in at number 87,215 out of 112,000,000 (as of Thursday May 15, 2008) is nothing to complain about. We aim to remain in the top 100,000 blogs listed in Technorati and we use a variety of methods to help us keep our ratings up.

No, we don’t buy ads or swap links. Nor do we pay to have our site “search engine optimized”. What we do is organize and publish interesting original and repurposed content—including relevant hypertext links to sources outside—on our blog at least several times a week; daily, when possible. We also write articles for other websites, magazines, and blogs and make an effort to leave comments on blogs published by bloggers with an interest in the topics we cover. We look for opportunities to share our thoughts on discussion forums, email listservs, Yahoo! Groups and the like. When we publish elsewhere, we always include a link back to It seems to work well.

Pete Cashmore of Mashable Social Networking News writes, “If you get enough friends together – or worse, swap votes – you can bump your blog near the top of Technorati’s Favorites section – a section that appears prominently on the blog search engine.” In this post, we’re asking you to help us test Cashmore’s hypothesis and explore whether tagging the Technorati page as a “favorite” will influence our Technorati rankings.


Making a Favorite

Check out The Content Wrangler page on Technorati. Then, click the “favorite it” button to record your vote. If you are not a member of Technorati, you will be asked to create an account and login so Technorati can remember your favorites. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to record your vote. If you need assistance, Technorati offers help.

We have no idea whether this approach will work or not, so check back next week and we’ll report what we’ve learned.