Apple announced the next iteration of the most advanced mobile device on the planet, the iPhone 3G. It’s no doubt going to give mobile telephone and portable digital assistant makers a run for their money. It’s superior in so many ways, it’s ridiculous to compare it to other products. As Wired magazine recently wrote: “Software is arguably the most important part of the iPhone. Ever since its launch last year, seemingly every cellphone maker has released a touchscreen phone. None of them comes close in ease of use, because none of them understands that the interface is everything.” We agree.

The 3G comes with fully-enabled GPS functionality, Microsoft Exchange (aimed at enterprise business users), blazing fast internet access, and starting at $199, it’s poised to snatch up a huge section of the market, which is good news for companies that support it, like AT&T in the US. Additionally, the ad campaign is brilliant, as usual. Watch the video.