Month: June 2008

Index Cards To Time Machines: The Web Time Forgot

“Historians typically trace the origins of the World Wide Web through a lineage of Anglo-American inventors like Vannevar Bush, Doug Engelbart and Ted Nelson. But more than half a century before Tim Berners-Lee released the first Web browser in 1991, Otlet (pronounced ot-LAY) described a networked world where ‘anyone in his armchair would be able to contemplate the whole of creation.’ Although Otlet’s proto-Web relied on a patchwork of analog technologies like index cards and telegraph machines, it nonetheless anticipated the hyperlinked structure of today’s Web…” (Source: Alex Wright, The New York Times – Read the...

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Microsoft Lacks Goals: Bill Gates Waffles When Tim O’Reilly Asks Probing Question

“It was left to a member of the audience, technology publisher Tim O’Reilly, to ask a searching question. Did Microsoft ‘have any really big, hairy, audacious goal’ any more? Watching Gates waffle said everything one needed to know about how incoherent and middle-aged his company has become. He didn’t have an answer because there isn’t one.” Read Bill Gates doesn’t play monopoly? Laugh? I nearly died (The...

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