Earlier this year, Quark announced it’s dynamic publishing solution, one of the smartest moves in the industry, if you ask us. This month, Quark announced that it has acquired the assets of In.vision Research Corporation, a Florida-based software company that develops a popular add-in to Microsoft Word (XPress Author) that facilitates XML authoring.

The acquisition is a smart one for Quark as they will now be in close partnership with Microsoft, providing support for Microsoft Word users, the largest group of content creators on the planet. Quark also gains products that support industry standards such as the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) and Structured Product Labeling (SPL), an initiative of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which helps Quark gain access to markets in which XML authoring is a necessity.

For In.vision, being acquired by Quark drastically improves their chance of success. Quark’s an established firm with great brand recognition, and the human and financial resources to take the products developed by In.vision to the next level. Quark also has the marketing know how—and bandwidth—to get the recently acquired In.vision products in front of people who need them, something In.vision wouldn’t have been able to easily do without such support.