Month: August 2008

Plain English Videos From Common Craft Make Understanding New Technology Easy

I can’t say enough good things about The Common Craft Show and their excellent video series designed to help regular, ordinary humans understand technological topics. Take a few minutes and view a few of the most popular selections below. Then, share them with others—friends, relatives, and co-workers—who would benefit from these easy-to-understand video tutorials. It’s some of the best free content on the web today! Social Media in Plain English A simple story that illustrates the forces shaping social media.   Podcasting in Plain English A 3 minute explanation of podcasting.   Wikis in Plain English Wiki web sites are easy to use, but hard to describe. Learn why they’re so much better for collaborating than email.   RSS in Plain English Understanding RSS in 3.5 minutes.   Blogs in Plain English A video for people who wonder why blogs are such a big deal.   Social Bookmarking in Plain English See the power of social bookmarking and how it makes web pages easy to remember, organize and share.   Online Photosharing in Plain English If you love digital photos, it makes sense to keep them backed up online. Plus, if they’re online, all sorts of fun things are possible.   GoogleDocs in Plain English This video illustrates why email attachments are a inefficient way to share documents...

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Automating CMS Metadata – Could It Work? How?

Emerging technology marketing guru, Paul Wlodarczyk asks, “What if a web service could automatically provide the CMS metadata when you go to check-in a new topic?” Wlodarczyk explores why you would want to automate metadata creation and which technologies you might need to make such automation a reality. He also discusses some of the barriers to this approach, which, not surprisingly, are related to silos created by software. Alas, can’t we make all of our tools work...

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