Month: September 2008

It’s In The Mix: The Next Generation Of Open Source Publishing

By Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler and The Content Wrangler Community The remix. It used to be a term used purely to describe different renditions of the same dance tune. Now, it’s a term creeping into our daily lives in a variety of new ways made possible by recent advances in computer and Internet technologies. Originally crafted by talented music producers like Tom Moulton and dj’s like Larry Levin, remixes were designed for one purpose: To make the audience dance. Okay, that’s not entirely true, there was also another motive: To increase profit by selling the same song to different audiences by creating customized versions attractive to various target groups. Remixes were created to be attractive to specific demographics (blacks, gays, Latinos) and to patrons of niche clubs that feature specific genres of music (reggae, trance, hip-hop, garage, disco) by repurposing existing components of music (the vocals, the baseline, the guitar solo) and recombining them in new and innovative ways. One popular Top 40 tune might be remixed into a dozen different “official” versions, each with a target audience in mind. This early form of content reuse, allowed record companies to do what nearly everyone is trying to do today – earn more revenue by personalizing content (i.e. delivering the right information, to the right people, in the right language, in the right format, at the right time). But,...

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[Case Study] How Our DITA Conversion Saved Us $100,000, For Starters

Ever wonder how converting to a DITA/XML content management system would play out in real life? What if we added globalization? What if it showed nearly $100,000 savings for the first two deliverables (in 9 languages)? This step-by-step plan, by Jennifer Linton of CaridianBCT (formerly Gambro BCT), tells us exactly how it played out for them. Read the article in Data Conversion Labs...

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Seeking Machine Translation Audience Beyond Ad-Reading Eyeballs

Language Weaver projects a US$67.5 billion market for digital translation in 2009, enabled by advances in machine translation (MT). Common Sense Advisory says they believe the untapped market potential is much higher, but the problem is getting buyers on board. The organizations today that stand to gain the most from MT are those driving advertisement-reading eyeballs to their sites, Don DePalma...

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The Wisdom of the Chaperones

Social-media sites like Wikipedia and Digg are celebrated as shining examples of Web democracy, places built by millions of Web users who all act as writers, editors, and voters. In reality, a small number of people are running the show. Read the article (recommended by Nicky...

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