Month: March 2009

Web Content 2009 Chicago – Early Bird Registration Ends March 31

Consumers are flooded with information created and delivered using outdated tactics. Poorly-targeted pitches and mass messaging are being replaced by laser-targeted, measurable methods that promise to deliver the right information, to the right people, at the right time, in the right format and language. This requires new thinking. So, we’re bringing together nationally-recognized technology, design, content, and marketing authorities at Web Content 2009 Chicago, June 15-16, at Gleacher Executive Conference Center, to help you understand how global organizations are “Delivering Personalized Dynamic Web Content”. Save $200 when you register before March 31. Registration is open. Grab your ticket...

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Getting Paid for User-Generated Content: An Interview with Ryan Hupfer, HubPages

In this exclusive interview with Ryan Hupfer, The Content Wrangler explores the world of HubPages, a user-generated content portal that’s helping writers get noticed—and paid. TCW: Ryan, thanks for taking time out of your day to share a little about yourself and the company for which you work. For those who don’t know you, tell us a little about yourself and your experience in the content industry. RH: Hey Scott, thanks for having me and thanks for not being afraid to butt into a conversation that I was having in San Jose at the User-Generated Content Conference event. You know, without that, we probably would have never met up—I guess that it was fate. Anyways, I guess that you could say that I’ve had some type of experience with most of the types of content that are out there. I’ve done work for a TV station in Indianapolis, I’ve written a book, launched online communities and now I’m living in the amazingly fascinating world of self-publishing, online advertising and content management at I would say that I’m a guy who really understands the web from a human perspective and how it can be used to better connect people and tell their stories to different audiences on the web. I used to be an engineer, but busting out code all day just wasn’t for me because I was way...

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Content Management Systems and the Changing Web Landscape: Interview with Robert Bredlau, e-Spirit

In this exclusive interview with The Content Wrangler, Scott Abel talks with Robert Bredlau, enterprise content management expert with e-Spirit, makes of an industrial strength content management system used by organizations in the media, publishing, e-Commerce arenas. Robert and I chat a little about his firm, its products an services, and we discuss some of the major challenges people face when attempting to move from old school content mismanagement to a strict, systematic, rules-based approach to managing content as a business asset. Scott: Robert, thanks for agreeing to chat with us today about content management. For those of our readers who don’t know who you are, tell us a little about yourself and your experience in the content industry. Robert: Hi Scott, thanks for inviting me! Currently I work at e-Spirit, one of the leading content management companies. My main responsibility here is the development of business in strategic countries (e.g. UK, Scandinavia and the USA). I’ve worked in the CMS industry for almost 10 years, but have 15 years experience in business development, including three years based in the US. Scott: I know that your firm, e-Spirit AG, is a provider of software tools designed to help organizations better manage and distribute business content quickly and effectively. But what exactly does your company do? What types of products/services do you provide? Tell us a little about each. Robert:...

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Making The Move To Creating Structured XML: An Interview with Thomas Aldous

Scott: Thomas, thanks for agreeing to chat with us a little today about making the move to structured XML. For those readers who don’t yet know who you are, tell us a little about yourself and your experience in the content industry. Thomas: Thanks, Scott. I am a principal owner of a company called Integrated Technologies, better known as InTech. We began as a UNIX training company back in 1989. Within a few years, we made major inroads in the Engineering, Financial and Telecom industries. One of our first financial clients was Solomon Brothers. You may remember them. Solomon Brothers was a very large investment house that was purchased by Smith Barney, who was then purchased by Citi Bank. We had an exclusive contract to train their employees on how to use their Sun Workstations as a desktop and train their Systems Administrators how to administrate them. Solomon needed a desktop editor that was cross-platform compatible and decided to standardize on FrameMaker. They liked our training style, which is based on a system my partner created that we called “Edutainment”, which has a foundation built on the fact that you can’t teach them if they are asleep. Solomon Brothers asked us to get Certified as an Authorized Training Center and added FrameMaker Training to our contract. At this time, I was bored with only working on the business development...

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