In keeping with the trend of creating free software that runs in a web browser, Adobe Systems has announced Presentations web-based tools designed to help you create, edit, and share presentations with others online. Built on the Adobe Flash platform, Presentations allows you to create beautiful professional presentations online, using built-in tools and layouts. And, if you’re someone who works well with others, you can create, revise, and collaborate on the same presentation online—at the same time—with your co-workers. No need to e-mail attachments back and forth or track down who has the latest version. And, Adobe provides a discussion forum dedicated to the product that allows users to get help from other users and Adobe.

As is the case with many software products that exist in the “cloud”, Presentations allows you to access your presentation files from anywhere—and make last minute tweaks—providing you’re connected to the Net. You can even deliver your presentation and share it with others—all from within a web browser.

Try Presentations today. It’s free!