Month: March 2010

The Romantic Semantic Web 3.0 Is Here to Stay (and it was here all along)

By Felice Bochman, special to The Content Wrangler Web 3.0 should allow people to have a better online experience. So said uber tech gurus, Mark Greaves formerly of DARPA (and currently of Vulcan) and Alex Iskold of GetGlue, some time ago. So true. On January, 26 and 27, in Santa Clara, CA, Mediabistro hosted a Web 3.0 Conference for some straight-talk and much brainstorming (by big guns at companies such as Mojiva, Primal Fusion, Thoora, and more) about the semantic web. What is the semantic web, fondly known as Web 3.0 (and sometimes known as the contextual web)? Here...

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How A Taste Of Kindle Reader For Blackberry Made Me Hunger For More (And More, And More)

by Maxwell Hoffmann, Desktop Publishing, Localization, Globalization and Sales Training Veteran A few weeks ago I got a Tweet that sent me straight to downloads-ville. A “free” Kindle Reader app for my Blackberry! As a used-book store addicted Baby Boomer who color codes all of his hard copy books with highlighter pens, might I be the perfect guinea pig for this latest content delivery platform? Could an old school guy like me get used to reading literature or technical manuals in chunks smaller than 3x5 cards? The answer surprised even me. So I downloaded Kindle reader for both Windows laptop and Blackberry. I was skeptical at first. Really, how long can anyone really read long chapters on that tiny screen? The answer is “for hours, and hours and hours”. Why? Kindle on Blackberry has crisp, readable screen display (with adjustable fonts), bookmarks are created with ease, navigation is fast, and everything from eBook downloads to synching with other platforms is quick and pain-free. As spell out below, I could consume a lot of virtual pages, swiftly. By the end of my first day of I thought the only limitation to this form of digital content consumption was battery power on my Blackberry. Thank heavens for those laptop draining USB cables. And guess what kids, Amazon’s Kindle Store starts you out in thriftsville with tons of books for FREE, ranging...

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Times They Are A Changin’ – But Most Publishers Aren’t

By Alan J. Porter [This post is part of a planned series of articles that examine how the traditional book industry could benefit from adopting XML.] A few days ago I saw a job posting from the publishers of my first book, who were looking for an editor for one of their imprints. What caught my eye was that the posting emphasized that the new editor should have experience and skills in using the same software that had been used to produce my book. A book that was published in 1997 – thirteen years ago! Technology has changed a...

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