Month: November 2010

Facebook Faux Pas Number Two: A User Experience Only Programmers Could Have Devised

by Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler Facebook is incredible for so many reasons, most of them positive. But, not all of them. The world’s most popular social network is loaded with incredibly stupid, time-sucking functionality that makes using the service much more difficult than it need be. In many cases, lazy programming and unnecessary clicks are to blame. Replacing Multiple Clicks With One Most of the challenges I experience using Facebook are usability problems. I’m certain I am not alone. Consider the absence of the ‘select all’ button, long a standard feature in most any software application. At its...

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Facebook Faux Pas Number One: Error Messages Only A Programmer Could Write

By Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler Error Messages – Facebook error messages are not only frustrating, many of them are absolutely useless wastes of bits and bandwidth that fail to provide users with sufficient information to understand what happened to cause the error, nor what they can do to fix it. Facebook could seriously use some help from experienced technical writers who understand user assistance. Example: “Sorry, you cannot add any more friends or fan pages without removing some first.” My personal Facebook page is very popular. My Facebook friends interact with me — and with each other —...

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