[Infographic] Changes In Technical Communication Staffing And Budget

Money, it’s a hot topic these days, given the economic situation in which we find ourselves. This infographic takes a look at the state of technical communication budgets and staffing levels today. How does your situation compare?

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One Response to “[Infographic] Changes In Technical Communication Staffing And Budget”

  1. Thomas Kohn August 18, 2012 at 4:35 am #

    The graphic design isn’t top notch, especially for the circle graphic that depicts the proportions of company sizes in the survey. Then the survey fails to whittle those numbers down to sizes of the writing staff. (Presumably the detail is available, based on the breakdown of staff increases and decreases.) Also, the graphic design fails to tell the full story for the budget changes, since no bar is provided to represent the budgets that did not change.

    Then the linkages fail us. The link for “full results” merely points back to this same page. At least send us easily to Metri-Mark.

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