Month: April 2016

Workshop: Use Brain Science to Control What People Remember

Audiences will forget most of the content you present and the little they remember is random. Using neuroscience-based guidelines (brain science) helps you to master with precision what audiences take away from your content and what they are willing to do with it. During this full-day workshop, Dr. Carmen Simon of Rexi Media will dive deep into brain science techniques and teach you how to direct an audience’s attention to what counts, ensure your most important content is memorable, and make it easy for audiences to reach a decision in your favor. You will work on your own content, and...

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Why is DITA Important?

Why is DITA so important? Information is expanding across the enterprise. Businesses are creating and filling corporate digital landfills, clogging operational processes without knowing their complete content holdings or the value contained within.  Imagine a world where you assemble a document rather than write it out word for word each time. Imagine that content relevant to what you are creating has already been created and is now made available for you to reuse. With the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA), it’s possible. Check out this video from the folks at Precision Content. We need more content like this; content that...

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Understanding the Value and Power of Big Data

Incredible amounts of data are produced every day, so much that we can’t use it all. Big data is a term used to describe the tools and processes that seek to make this data useful and productive. This video uses the example of traffic data to teach: Where big data comes from and how it’s collected Why special tools are required to use it The three big challenges: Volume, Variability and Velocity The potential of big data across multiple...

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Best Practices for Fostering Support from Stakeholders

Editor’s Note: The Content Wrangler is presenting a weekly series of twelve articles that provide useful insights and practical guidance for those who produce customer support websites. Columnist Robert Norris shares how to overcome operational challenges related to harvesting, publishing and maintaining online help knowledge bases. His eighth installment shares insights into how we can gain the support of key stakeholders in middle and upper management. Fostering Support from Stakeholders Ever been in a long-anticipated meeting to green-light an initiative only to hear your project’s spokesperson sell a bold concept you support by making promises that make you cringe? That sinking feeling is the gnawing...

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Content and Crisis: Translators Without Borders 

By Karl Montevirgen, special to The Content Wrangler When a crisis unfolds, the accuracy and speed of communications take on a heightened role. Language, in the most general sense, becomes something of an accelerant. Its rate of movement overtakes that of the organized deployment of resources and services, multiplying both the containment and distribution of risk with a velocity that is at once exponential and multi-directional. When the flow of communication breaks down, language itself becomes the site of a flashpoint. It spawns yet another crisis atop the initial one. It’s easy to imagine how a communications crisis can...

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