Month: May 2016

Content Delivery: The Misunderstood Piece of the Product Content Puzzle

Product content. It’s critical to business success. When done well, it can inform, educate, and motivate. It can help us save money. And, it can even drive sales—but only if it’s delivered to the right person at the right time, in the right language and format, and on the device of the consumers’ choosing. Content professionals spend a lot of time talking about the content creation and content management phases of the content lifecycle, but they seldom talk much about delivery. That’s because delivery is often misunderstood. And, it can be challenging. It requires a different skill set and...

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The Last of Us: Flash Fiction Short Stories

By Martin Magee, special to The Content Wrangler I’m a member of a gay men’s writer’s group called “Guywriters,” a group whose membership numbers seven. We’re very dedicated, meeting monthly, even in December and January, as well as during the pleasant summer months. The talent in this group is pretty amazing. Almost everyone has been published and all have written some beautiful stories. We’re not competitive with each other; we enjoy each other’s successes. When I first joined the group, I was so intimidated by the talent that I considered leaving the group. I quickly realized that was the reason I should stay. Scott...

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The 2016 Technical Communication Benchmarking Survey

Earlier this year, The Content Wrangler surveyed over 700 technical communication professionals from around the globe to learn as much as possible about the state of industry. The results of the 2016 Technical Communication Benchmarking Survey are not scientific, but they do provide us with meaningful data points and help us spot trends. Our findings paint a picture of the current state of technical communication, especially as it relates to advanced information management practices, approaches, tools and planned innovations. It provides us with a snapshot of what the best-of-breed firms are doing today—and what they plan to do tomorrow. It also...

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About Home Automation Devices

By Tim Steele, special to The Content Wrangler As previously discussed, home automation is a big deal these days. There are more vendors, systems, and home automation devices than ever before. The concept of the internet of things allows products from different companies to communicate and control products from other vendors because of the standards that have been put in place in the last ten years. In my last article, I discussed home automation different systems. Now, let’s talk about devices—because without these individual building blocks, there is no system. The types of smart devices available on the market grows exponentially,...

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What is a Capabilities System?

Capabilities are differentiators that improve a company’s ability to compete in the marketplace. In order for them to work in an efficient way, capabilities need to be part of a system stronger than the sum of its parts, and almost impossible for competitors to copy. Watch this video by Strategy& define to learn what capabilities system is by looking at an example of a company that has one in place: Frito-Lay. You’ll discover how Frito-Lay combines its three differentiating capabilities of direct-store delivery, continuous innovation of new products, and consumer marketing into a powerful system that is at the heart of the company’s...

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