Month: May 2016

Need Prospects? Create Bigger, Bolder, Braver Content

“The biggest missed opportunity in content is playing it too safe.” And so goes the opening volley of Ann Handley’s outstanding webinar, Quality vs. Quantity: A Fight for Sore Eyes. Handley, a world-renowned content expert, is passionate about her craft. She believes that content professionals should focus on producing content that is direct, gutsy, and honest—a leaner/meaner variety that clearly stands apart from the safer “canned” versions. She mentions how quality alone renders the polarization of “quality vs. quantity” a moot point or “false choice;” and how only bold and edgy content can differentiate itself from the sea of noise...

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Building A Robust Content Quality System

Editor’s Note: The Content Wrangler is presenting a weekly series of twelve articles that provide useful insights and practical guidance for those who produce customer support websites. Columnist Robert Norris shares how to overcome operational challenges related to harvesting, publishing and maintaining online knowledge bases. His tenth installment examines the framework for a consolidated quality control program based on explicit content ownership. In a previous article, we examined how content wranglers can improve the quality of life for our colleagues in support roles and leverage insights (including customer support metrics) to our mutual benefit. This article offers insights into leveraging this...

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Why People Forget Our Content (and What We Can Do to Fix It)

Why do people forget our content? One of the most obvious reasons why people forget our content is information overload. In a survey of 124 managers from various professional fields in Australia, Hong Kong, the U.K., and the U.S., information overload was recognized as a top professional issue; participants confessed they find it impossible to manage information (62%), most content is irrelevant (53%), and they lack time to understand it (32%). In other words, we are drowning in data and barely have time to make sense of it, let alone remember it. Also known as data smog, analysis paralysis,...

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The US Digital Service: Transforming the Way Government Works

“The U.S. Digital Service is using the best of product design and engineering practices to transform the way government works for the American people…Together, teams of America’s most capable problem-solvers are striving to make critical services — like healthcare, student loans, and veterans’ benefits — as simple as buying a book online.” In the span of just a few years, the Obama administration has launched a series of initiatives aimed at modernizing the federal government’s public-service technologies. The overall thrust and scope of these initiatives is nothing short of a major “reboot.” They aim not only to equip government with...

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