Month: July 2016

Managing Counterproductive Organizational Expectations

Editor’s Note: The Content Wrangler is presenting a weekly series of twelve articles that provide useful insights and practical advice for those who produce customer and staff support websites. Columnist Robert Norris shares practical guidance on how to overcome the operational challenges related to harvesting, publishing and maintaining online knowledge bases. His twelfth installment examines the strategic impact and operational repercussions of creating relentless demand for ever better content to feed multiple, knowledge-sharing websites. He discusses the proverbial tiger of organizational expectations. And how these expectations, if not managed carefully, can lead to a counterproductive culture of misguided corporate pressure and control. A Successful Enterprise Content Strategy...

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[CEO Chat] The Future of Content With Michael Rosinski

Today we discuss the future of content with Michael Rosinski, CEO of Astoria Software, a cloud-based, component content management system (CCMS). Rosinski, a veteran of the content management space, talks with Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, about innovation, computing, and how content—and those who produce it—will be impacted by artificial intelligence. Scott: Michael, for someone surrounded by technology 24/7, I’d wager you see a lot of proclamations about the next big thing. Help us cut through the hype. As a technology CEO, what do you think is the most exciting innovation in the field of content? Michael: Great question. I believe...

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Content Quality: How Does Your Content Rate?

Content is king, it is often said. But judging by the results of a recent report, the king’s claim to the throne is in question. If that weren’t bad enough, his would-be loyal subjects may not be as loyal as he previously believed. This article examines content quality, what it means, and asks the question: “How does your content rate?” Last year, content platform provider Acrolinx released the initial findings of its Global Content Impact Index. In this first-of-its-kind study of global content quality Acrolinx employed its proprietary linguistic analytics engine to parse 20 million sentences (more than 160...

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Delivering Consistent Content Experiences Across Digital Touchpoints

Whether looking to buy a new pair of running shoes or advanced industrial equipment, consumers have more choices than ever. They look for information about products and services across a variety of digital touchpoints. And they do so using a mix of devices—computers, smartphones, tablets, TVs and more. Unfortunately for consumers, most organizations fail at delivering consistent content experiences across all touchpoints. Failing to produce consistent content experiences negatively impacts business. Research from Deloitte illustrates the problem: 90 percent of customers expect a consistently excellent experience across all touchpoints. What Prevents Us From Delivering Consistent Content Experiences? These factors cause content inconsistencies:...

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