Month: September 2016

Understanding Accessibility

The following content originally appeared in the book, The Language of Content Strategy, a collaborative effort from 52 top content strategy practitioners, edited by Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and Rahel Anne Bailie, Chief Knowledge Officer at Scroll. The book, published by XML Press, is a collection of terms defined by contributors known for their depth of knowledge in that area of expertise. Each definition is accompanied by an essay that explains the importance of the term within the world of content strategy. This post, contributed by Char James-Tanny, is understanding accessibility.   Understanding accessibility: What is it? Accessibility is the extent...

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Understanding IP Addresses

With a computer or other connected device, we can connect to billions of websites, apps and devices anywhere in the world with the click of a button. It works because, behind the scenes, everything on the internet uses the same set of rules that is known as a protocol. By understanding the basics of the protocol, we can see what makes the internet work. Understanding How Addresses Work You can send a letter to almost anyone in the world if you know a few basic things, like their house number, street, and city. And because you also have an address,...

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Five Things I Learned about Information Architecture from Abby Covert

Information architect Abby Covert is one of the most distinguished thought leaders in the field of information architecture. Over the past few years, she has introduced and promoted several innovative ideas designed to help us transform “informational messes” into well-structured and useful information. Eager to share her thought-provoking ideas with others, we are pleased to feature her in this recorded webinar, How to Make Sense of Any Mess. This article highlights a few of Abby’s ideas that, in my opinion, make her work so meaningful and engaging. One: We all play a role in architecting information For those who are...

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