Month: May 2017

The Power of Incrementalism in Content Marketing Strategy

The demands of the digital landscape and a 21st-century audience are unforgiving. No one is searching Google for your advertisement. Most of the time, they aren’t searching for you nor for your company. More than likely, they are searching for an answer to a question. If you can provide a useful answer, they may peruse your website, social profile, and other content. They may not. It takes more than a single piece of magnificent content to build an audience. Today’s viral post is tomorrow’s forgotten moment in time. What’s the alternative to relying on big content “moments”? Incremental Steps...

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[May 31] DITA Summit: Best Practices and Lessons Learned From The Trenches

4 DITA Webinars: Wednesday, May 31, 2017 Featuring Amber Swope, Jenifer Schlotfeldt, Rob Hanna, Keith Schengili-Roberts, Mark Lewis, Joe Gelb, Yehudit Lindblom The Mini Virtual Summit on DITA Best Practices and Lessons Learned from the Trenches is a free, online educational event that provides strategies, tips, and lessons learned from technical communication practitioners. The Summit (brought to you by Precision Content) features four presentations on issues impacting organizations that have adopted—or are planning to adopt—the Darwin Information Typing Architecture. 8:00am PT/ 11:00am ET DITA Satisfaction Survey: Overcoming the BIG Challenges When Adopting DITA — Rob Hanna (Precision Content), Mark Lewis (Quark), and Keith...

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