Month: July 2017

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain. It’s popping up in news stories, magazine articles, blog posts and presentations. But what is it, exactly? And, why should we care? Our friends at CommonCraft explain the basic idea behind blockchain in the video we share with you here. To learn more, stop by Blockgeeks to discover how blockchain came to be, where it’s in use today, and where it’s heading tomorrow. Blockchain is a great example of innovative disruption. The story behind it and its creator(s) makes for some interesting...

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The Current State of Author Experience

The following is an excerpt from Author Experience by Rick Yagodich, the fourth book in The Content Wrangler Content Strategy Series of books from XML Press (2014). The Current State of Author Experience The idea of author experience is often dismissed by people with budgets and those who design and build CMSes. They see more important places to invest, better opportunities for quick-win returns. Author experience demands a long view; it suffers in the face of short-term investment attrition. We must, therefore, demonstrate the loss, and the risks, incurred by ignoring this opportunity. Messy system, messy content So far,...

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Does Content Marketing Speak To Technical Buyers?

Is content marketing effective for highly technical industrial buyers? The old wisdom says no. It says that manufacturers and their customers are immune to content marketing messages that lack the granular, technical details. Details that make or break a sale. But data from Content Marketing Institute’s 2017 Manufacturing Content Marketing survey show that the benefits of content marketing are becoming clearer to manufacturers who devote the time and resources to these marketing programs. That must mean that technical buyers are buying in. Manufacturers are gaining ground One reason content marketing is viewed as ineffective in manufacturing is that fewer...

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The Formal Business Voice is Dead

In Public Relations we know what makes a successful apology and what doesn’t. SUCCESSFUL APOLOGY = a conversational, human approach Hi Shelly We’re sorry we got the date wrong for setting up the internet at your new home. We know that was really inconvenient.  Thanks for letting us know about the mistake so we could fix it. We’ll do our best to make sure it doesn’t happen again.  Thanks, Your Favourite Internet Provider UNSUCCESSFUL APOLOGY = the traditional, formal business voice Dear valued customer It is with regret that we write to express our apologies for the recent error....

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