Author: Barry Saiff

Barry Saiff is a leading expert in technical writing outsourcing and managing technical writers. Over 32 years, Barry has experienced technical writing outsourcing from both sides—as a technical communications leader in the USA, and as a manager of offshore technical writers and customer liaison in the Philippines. Barry frequently leads webinars and speaks at conferences. His popular 7 Habits series of blogs, infographics, and webinars has been featured by the Society for Technical Communication. He has consulted for a variety of companies to help them improve their content and content development processes.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Technical Writers

A passion for learning is the most important qualification for an effective technical writer. You can become an ace technical writer by fine-tuning the way you learn. How you go about learning will make the difference between good results and great results. Focus on increasing your mastery in: Learning technology Writing Working with others Regardless of the country in which you are working, you can use these Seven Habits of Highly Effective Technical Writers as a guide to mastering technical writing excellence. 1. Don’t Take It Personally (learn) Great technical writers thrive on criticism. They understand that it enables them to...

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Mastering Technical Communication Leadership

Effective leadership is measured by customer satisfaction. Caring about your customers is crucial. Everyone is a customer: those who purchase and use your products, and your colleagues in every department. Leadership requires a mixture of confidence and humility. Change doesn’t always happen quickly. Success may require all of the creativity, resourcefulness, and diplomacy you can muster. Use these 7 Habits of Highly Effective Technical Communication Leaders to learn how to effectively put the customer first in all of your work. You can be an effective leader, regardless of your position. 1. BE A CUSTOMER ADVOCATE While you may have...

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