Author: Erik Martin

Erik J. Martin is a Chicago area-based freelance writer and public relations expert whose articles have been featured in AARP The Magazine, EContent Magazine, Reader’s Digest, The Costco Connection, The Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and other publications. He often writes on topics related to technology, real estate, business and retailing, health care, insurance, and entertainment. He also publishes several blogs, including and

Markdown: Markup That’s Downright Simple

Markdown Can Make Online Writing Easier Than HTML and other Markup Languages Consumers crave technology—increasingly sophisticated tech—robust and loaded with useful bells and whistles. It’s why smartphones and streaming devices are such indispensable, in-demand gadgets today. But as many electronic tools become more complex, others survive and thrive in a state of simplistic bliss—appealing to modern consumers with their retro charm and unfussy features. It’s this backlash against digital precociousness that helps explain the recent resurgence of vinyl LPs. And it’s part of what’s behind the longevity and enduring popularity of a resource that bloggers, web writers and editors, developers, academics, technical...

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Content Quality: How Does Your Content Rate?

Content is king, it is often said. But judging by the results of a recent report, the king’s claim to the throne is in question. If that weren’t bad enough, his would-be loyal subjects may not be as loyal as he previously believed. This article examines content quality, what it means, and asks the question: “How does your content rate?” Last year, content platform provider Acrolinx released the initial findings of its Global Content Impact Index. In this first-of-its-kind study of global content quality Acrolinx employed its proprietary linguistic analytics engine to parse 20 million sentences (more than 160...

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Functional, Fashionable, and Fabulous Wearable Tech

Where Wearable Tech Is Heading And Why You Need To Pay Attention In January 1946, Dick Tracy’s futuristic two-way wrist radio captured the imagination of a public intrigued by the limitless possibilities of technology—even if it was only a silly comic strip character’s fictional gadget. As the years passed, pop culture continued its creative depictions of geek-geared gizmos. Wearable tech has a long history in entertainment circles. There was the shoe phone on “Get Smart,” the Gadget Copter from “Inspector Gadget,” the TV glasses used in “Back to the Future II,” and the countless doohickeys and concealed contraptions worn by...

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Wayback Machine: How The Internet Archive Continues To Inform, Serve, and Inspire

When it comes to finding a printed or recorded resource for educational, pleasure or business purposes, nothing beats a trip to the good old neighborhood library—that vast, utilitarian warehouse of lendable published works just waiting to be discovered. But in the 21st Century, when time-strapped citizens have come to rely on instant access to information on an increasing array of high-tech devices, that quest for knowledge and entertainment doesn’t have to involve getting in the car, searching through the stacks, and waiting in the checkout line. Fortunately, there’s a digital library you can visit, loaded with priceless materials that...

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The Content Industry Talent Shortage: What You Can Do About It

Find yourself juggling extra content responsibilities at work lately? Forced to learn new apps, dashboards, templates and markup languages than was required in your job description? Notice a few more empty desks around the office than normal? Welcome to the world of the chronically understaffed content team, where highly skilled co-workers quickly bolt for bigger bucks elsewhere, fresh for-hire candidates who graduate with inadequate aptitudes jockey for mediocrity, and the required technology powering publishers and marketing initiatives seems to change faster than the frequency between political attack ads on television. Just how pervasive and impactful is this content industry...

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