Author: Erik Martin

Erik J. Martin is a Chicago area-based freelance writer and public relations expert whose articles have been featured in AARP The Magazine, EContent Magazine, Reader’s Digest, The Costco Connection, The Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and other publications. He often writes on topics related to technology, real estate, business and retailing, health care, insurance, and entertainment. He also publishes several blogs, including and

San Francisco Center for the Book: Old School Print Mint

By Erik J. Martin, special to The Content Wrangler Here’s a news flash hot off the presses: old school bookmaking and antique printing techniques are making a comeback, despite the digital age. And folks with an artistic flair and a yen for creating something with their own hands stand to benefit—thanks to the San Francisco Center for the Book and other similar facilities across the country that are taking a page out of the past by teaching and preserving the fine art of making tangible tomes. San Francisco Center for the Book Part school, part museum, part studio, and...

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Digital Moving Day: Understanding Content Migration

By Erik J. Martin, special to The Content Wrangler Moving into a new house is a big deal. You’ve got to clear out the clutter, check that your belongings fit into the new space, pack your possessions with care, enlist some movers with muscle, and ensure that nothing is damaged or lost on moving day. When you need to move your digital goods to a new website, content management system (CMS), or both, the job requires even more careful planning and preparation. And though no literal heavy lifting is involved, this task can be even more labor intensive and...

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Repair Aware: Demanding The Right To Fix A Broken System

By Erik Martin, special to The Content Wrangler “You bought it, you own it,” is a motto consumers like to think applies to any electronic device or software they purchase. But the truth is that manufacturers are in the business of selling as many new products as possible, which means it’s not in their financial interest to make it easy for you to repair, tinker with, resell or make a backup copy of their merchandise. If that sounds unfair to you, you’re not alone. The numbers of disgruntled consumers and advocates for fairer repair/reuse rights are growing, and the...

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Understanding Social WiFi: The promises, the perks, and how your business can benefit from it

By Erik Martin, special to The Content Wrangler From Facebook to MailChimp and AdRoll to Kissmetrics, effective and cost-efficient digital marketing and analytics tools abound online for companies to capitalize on. But when it comes to brick-and-mortar retail locations, it’s not so easy to capture consumer data, convert browsers into paid customers, and target in-store patrons with personalized real-time promotions. Sure, beacon technology exists that can push on-the-spot marketing offers to visiting shoppers via their smartphones. But beacons aren’t compatible with every mobile device and they typically require the downloading of a compatible app to work properly. That’s why,...

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