Author: Karl Montevirgen

Karl Montevirgen is a strategist and writer with extensive experience in the financial industry and the arts. A forward thinker, he integrates his skills in content creation, business strategy, competitive intelligence, and experimental art practices to explore and develop new ways of creating and thinking about content. He holds an MA in Critical Studies/Writing and Composition from the California Institute of the Arts.

Managing Enterprise Content: 12 Lessons From 2016

Drawing from 20+ years of experience wrangling content, Robert Norris presents us with a twelve-part series on managing enterprise content. His articles (some of the most popular posts of 2016) take on the complex topic of enterprise content strategy from a heuristic angle, bypassing academic approaches for more pragmatic solutions designed for immediacy and ease. This article serves as a summary of Norris’ outstanding series, inviting you to explore the rich and unique insights contained in his work. Managing Enterprise Content: 12 Lessons 1. Think Like a Librarian Norris’ first post, Think Like a Librarian, elaborates on the theme...

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Five Things I Learned about Information Architecture from Abby Covert

Information architect Abby Covert is one of the most distinguished thought leaders in the field of information architecture. Over the past few years, she has introduced and promoted several innovative ideas designed to help us transform “informational messes” into well-structured and useful information. Eager to share her thought-provoking ideas with others, we are pleased to feature her in this recorded webinar, How to Make Sense of Any Mess. This article highlights a few of Abby’s ideas that, in my opinion, make her work so meaningful and engaging. One: We all play a role in architecting information For those who are...

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Animated Infographics: How Do They Work and What Makes Them Effective?

Many corporate communicators use infographics to provide audiences with an easy-to-understand graphic representation of otherwise complicated data. When thoughtfully designed, infographics improve comprehension. But many infographics fail to help us understand how things actually work.  This article explores the world of animated infographics, showcases several exceptional examples, and provides tips for creating your own.  Animated Infographics: A Few Examples   How to Build a Human Eleanor’s Lutz  is a content creator who takes animated infographics to impressive heights. A designer and PhD student at the University of Washington, she runs the site Tabletop Whale, which contains numerous GIF-infographics (gifographics) on science-based topics. How to...

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Need Prospects? Create Bigger, Bolder, Braver Content

“The biggest missed opportunity in content is playing it too safe.” And so goes the opening volley of Ann Handley’s outstanding webinar, Quality vs. Quantity: A Fight for Sore Eyes. Handley, a world-renowned content expert, is passionate about her craft. She believes that content professionals should focus on producing content that is direct, gutsy, and honest—a leaner/meaner variety that clearly stands apart from the safer “canned” versions. She mentions how quality alone renders the polarization of “quality vs. quantity” a moot point or “false choice;” and how only bold and edgy content can differentiate itself from the sea of noise...

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The US Digital Service: Transforming the Way Government Works

“The U.S. Digital Service is using the best of product design and engineering practices to transform the way government works for the American people…Together, teams of America’s most capable problem-solvers are striving to make critical services — like healthcare, student loans, and veterans’ benefits — as simple as buying a book online.” In the span of just a few years, the Obama administration has launched a series of initiatives aimed at modernizing the federal government’s public-service technologies. The overall thrust and scope of these initiatives is nothing short of a major “reboot.” They aim not only to equip government with...

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