Author: Karl Montevirgen

Karl Montevirgen is a strategist and writer with extensive experience in the financial industry and the arts. A forward thinker, he integrates his skills in content creation, business strategy, competitive intelligence, and experimental art practices to explore and develop new ways of creating and thinking about content. He holds an MA in Critical Studies/Writing and Composition from the California Institute of the Arts.

Structured Content Comes to 5th Grade

By Karl Montevirgen, special to The Content Wrangler That structure underlies every aspect of the teaching and learning process is nothing new. Structure permeates everything that goes on in the classroom. Yet there’s often something missing in the process, and it has to do with the rather limited notion of structure itself; that there’s much more to it than is typically perceived or utilized in an educational setting. It is toward this gap that certain progressive approaches in education continually aim to recast the notions of structure in standard pedagogical practice; the goal being to develop newer and more...

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How To Future-Proof Your Website Copyright Notice

By Karl Montevirgen, special to The Content Wrangler Updating your website copyright notice is not a legal requirement. Although online content theft may be a common occurrence, it just so happens that anything you publish on your site is already considered copyrighted whether your copyright notice is current or not. So why update it? Aside from maintaining a current claim of ownership over your web content, it’s simply a matter of smart marketing: it tells visitors that the information on your website is current; a small gesture perhaps, but one that makes a big impression. What a current copyright notice...

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Should Marketing Content Be Translated Or Localized?

In his highly informative webinar, Why We Shouldn’t Translate Marketing… And Why We Do It Anyway, Wayne Bourland, Director of Localization at Dell, tackles a common problem facing most businesses operating across international lines: how to produce efficient and scalable marketing content that also meets the unique cultural expectations of a foreign market. The issue is trickier than it seems and often misunderstood. The crux of the problem, Bourland argues, is that many businesses fail to understand the difference between the two processes used to “translate” content—translation and localization. Both entail different means and resources; and both yield different results. In this post, we’ll cover Bourland’s main points: his thoughts...

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The Difference Between Data and Content (and Why It Matters)

The difference between data and content may seem subtle. But if you analyze the difference carefully, you’ll notice that each possess distinct characteristics that, in comparison, are worlds apart. In a short video interview clip from Informational Development World, Rahel Anne Bailie goes into considerable detail explaining the difference between data and content. Our aim in this post is to tease out the main points in her interview and to further explore this difference and what it means for the content professional. The difference between data and content Bailie opens the discussion by laying out the fundamental distinction between...

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The Counterpoint of Content Flow

By Karl Montevirgen, special to The Content Wrangler As content creators and consumers, we’re all aware of the multiple dynamics at play when it comes to viewing and creating content. Content has a kind of flow.  It directs movement within and between pieces of content, exhibiting diverse rhythms, densities, and forms. Content flow, as we perceive it, plays a significant role in shaping the reader/viewer’s experience. Ultimately, the impact of this experience can be critical, as it often marks the difference between success and failure in a given content enterprise. Let’s take a closer look at content flow, specifically what...

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