Author: Michael Haggerty-Villa

Michael Haggerty-Villa is the senior technical content strategy manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software and is also the founder and organizer of Content Strategy Southern California and Content Strategy San Jose | Silicon Valley. He is an organizer of the Los Angeles User Experience Meetup group, and, as a content strategy leader, he has collaborated with companies such as Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Digital, Kaiser Permanente, eBay,, and DIRECTV.

Content-Driven Customer Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing

It’s difficult to recognize shifting trends and movements when we’re in the middle of them. Imagine a writer in the 1500s saying, “This is the Renaissance! I must create and compete in an era of cultural transformation!” Today that writer would probably turn to Twitter for such a declaration. Although not as earth-changing as the Renaissance, a new movement in marketing has begun. That’s the argument that Robert Rose and Carla Johnson present in Experiences: The Seventh Era of Marketing. Rose and Johnson identify this new movement and offer instruction and encouragement for marketers, content creators, and strategists as...

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Five Content Strategy Lessons from a Hollywood Voiceover Studio

By Michael Haggerty-Villa, Senior Content Strategist, The Walt Disney Company The challenges of translation aren’t new to content strategists, but the hard work of translating video, film, games, and other multimedia content are. As product and marketing teams produce more video, how will content strategists make sure such content is useful for customers where they are and in their own language? To answer this question, a team of content strategists and designers met at The Voice Company in Burbank, Calif. on Sept. 23, 2015 to see how a working Hollywood voiceover production studio prepares video for international audiences. The event...

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