Author: Nikoletta Vecsei Harrold

Niki Vecsei is an experienced Social Media and Communities Engagement Manager with a wealth of digital and content marketing experience for start-ups and Fortune 100 companies alike. Her passion is to connect people to content to enable everyone to find success in their work and private life. Originally from Europe, her experience spans across 2 continents. In her free time she loves to play sports, enjoys the outdoors, cooking, and reading murder-mystery books.

Diversifying Content Strategy To Improve Customer Engagement

Guest post by Laurel Nicholes and Niki Vecsei Harrold Prior to presenting, Content Potluck: Bringing Everyone to the Community Table (during the Virtual Summit on Advanced Practices in Technical Communication) we authored a quick-read blog post in which we defined content potluck and outlined how to find champions in your organization to move a project forward. Today, we follow up on that effort. We provide tips for diversifying content strategy by supporting a content potluck. We also provide some advice on organizing your content production and distribution efforts using a collaborative editorial calendar. During the Summit, we asked attendees to answer questions designed to capture current practices and...

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Content Potluck: Bringing Everyone to the Community Table

Guest post by Niki Vecsei Harrold and Laurel Nicholes An increasing number of consumers no longer want to hear from one, authoritative voice. They don’t trust—or feel compelled to rely upon— your “official” communication channels. That’s because an increasing amount of your audience grew up online. They’re digital natives accustomed to digital content experiences. They want to feel connected to the content they consume and the brands with which they interact. They want content experiences that resonate with them; that adapt to the way they learn, live, and work. In order to provide exceptional content experiences today, you’ll need to...

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