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Tim Steele is the President of Content Rules, Inc. and is a piano-playing, dog-loving, photo-taking Smart Home fan who’s out to show that nice guys don’t always finish last. During the day, Tim is a mild-mannered content development/content strategy professional helping companies create high-quality content that is ready for global audiences. After hours, Tim is (not exactly) a wild and crazy guy who tends to the palm trees in the back yard, teaches his dog new tricks, or helps a neighbor kid learn to play the piano. It’s a pretty good life.

About Home Automation Devices

By Tim Steele, special to The Content Wrangler As previously discussed, home automation is a big deal these days. There are more vendors, systems, and home automation devices than ever before. The concept of the internet of things allows products from different companies to communicate and control products from other vendors because of the standards that have been put in place in the last ten years. In my last article, I discussed home automation different systems. Now, let’s talk about devices—because without these individual building blocks, there is no system. The types of smart devices available on the market grows exponentially,...

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Home Automation–Where to Begin?

Home Automation–Where to Begin? In my last column for The Content Wrangler, Home Automation—Is It Time To Dive In?, I provided a brief overview of the home automation landscape. This time around, I tackle the question: “Where do you begin?” Perhaps you already have a device or two—maybe a Nest Thermostat or a DropCam camera and you’d like to start connecting the devices together. How do you make that happen? This is the time to pause and look at your options. You can buy a lot of individual internet-connected smart devices from a lot of different manufacturers. Most of...

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Home Automation — Is it Time to Dive In?

The Internet of Things. Smart houses. Home automation. Call it what you like, there’s lots of buzz surrounding these topics. I’ve been a home automation fan for some time, so when I was asked if I’d share my thoughts on the topic, I quickly agreed. Home automation: Where to begin? Let’s start with definitions. According to Wikipedia, The Internet of Things (IoT) is a phrase coined in 1999 which refers “the network of physical objects—devices, vehicles, buildings and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity—that enables these objects to collect and exchange data. The IoT allows objects to...

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