Author: Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson is a technical writer working in San Jose, California, mostly writing developer documentation, including documentation for APIs. Johnson works for 41st Parameter, a company in the fraud detection and advertising technology space. He is the editor of the popular technical communication blog, I’d Rather Be Writing.

Tech Writers: Do They Have A Role In Content Marketing?

By Tom Johnson, I’d Rather Be Writing This past year I’ve been hearing a lot about addressing the whole customer journey, or developing a unified customer experience strategy. Companies need to have consistent content for every touchpoint with the customer, from the time the users are prospects to the time those users become customers and beyond. When users are exploring a company, they may listen to a webinar, watch an overview video, explore a demo site, read a blog article, download a white paper, and so on. After they buy the product, they may interact with other types of content:...

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Podcast: Tom Johnson Interviews Ann Rockley About Web 2.0, CMS, DITA

Tom Johnson of interviews content management maven Ann Rockley about emerging trends and technologies affecting content professionals. Rockley is the president and founder of The Rockley Group, a global content management consultancy with its roots in technical communication, and a founder and previous president of Content Management Professionals, the international content management community of practice. Rockley is the author of Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy, a best selling business content strategy book (now in its third printing) that is in use around the globe and is recognized as the defacto standard approach for managing enterprise content. Her firm publishes The Rockley Bulletin (an online newsletter dedicated to content management topics) and The Rockley Report (an online journal focused on content management best practices, case studies and more). In this 40 minute interview, Johnson and Rockley discuss the changing face of technical communication and Rockley explains why organizations are increasingly taking a customer-centric view of their content creation and delivery processes. Rockley addresses: Web 2.0 trends for content management Customer-centric content management Card sorting and user-driven architecture Content-rating features and dynamic delivery Helping users find information in a CMS What DITA is and why it important Who DITA is right for Upcoming DITA plugin for bloggers Reasons for successes and failures with content management Syndicating RSS feeds in companies Breaking down information silos among departments The appeal...

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