Author: Val Swisher

Val Swisher founded Content Rules recognizing that even the largest companies often do not have the technology, people, and expertise to create content that is global-ready. Founded in 1994, Content Rules is an end-to-end content services provider. We help customers plan their global content strategy, create content in structured and non-structured environments, and work with their source content to prepare it for translation. Content Rules is the exclusive provider of The Rockley Strategic Method™ and a certified service provider for the Acrolinx optimization software. Val is a frequent speaker on the conference circuit. She blogs (almost) weekly at Along with Scott Abel, Val hosts a popular webinar series and she has recently authored her third book. Her latest book, Global Content Strategy: A Primer was published by XML Press in 2015.

Transcreation: Adapting Translated Content For Effectiveness

Transwhat? That’s what most humans—and nearly all spellcheck programs—ask when they encounter the word, transcreation. In this post, an excerpt from the book Global Content Strategy: A Primer by Val Swisher, we explore the concept of transcreation and why adapting translated content for effectiveness is a necessary part of a successful global content strategy. Transcreation: Adapting Translated Content For Effectiveness These days, every employee produces content. In addition to the usual suspects–marketing communication writers, technical writers, course developers–software engineers write user guides, technical support engineers write frequently asked questions, and (shall we dare?) VPs of marketing write blog posts....

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Writing for the World

Val Swisher, CEO, Content Rules In today’s world, more and more companies are realizing that in order to increase revenue, they need to expand their brand into foreign markets. These companies spend quite a bit of money getting the product ready, prepping the market, finding and training sales people, and so on. Unfortunately, they often overlook the impact of translating and localizing the content (websites, technical documentation, knowledge bases, marketing collateral) that is part of the brand and product. As a result, these organizations end up spending far too much money on less than perfect translations that take far...

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