The Language of Localization

  The following is the foreword written by Ulrich Henes from The Language of Localization, edited by Kit Brown-Hoekstra, the eighth book in The Content Wrangler Content Strategy Series of books from XML Press (2017). Adapting content to make it more meaningful, appropriate, and effective Like many of you, I have frequently had to explain what localization is, usually in the context of what I do for a living. I find localization easy to explain, often using the example of getting a mobile phone adapted for other countries. Because most people own one, they can imagine why adaptation makes sense. For good measure, I add that...

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Review: The Science Behind Memorable Visuals

It’s intuitive to believe that visuals are more memorable than text. To a degree, science confirms this. Research shows that visuals impact recall because they help viewers process information faster and assist them to pay attention by being more engaging than text. But there is such a thing as a forgettable visual. Think of all the information you encounter in a typical week. How much of it do you remember? We forget our lives almost as quickly as we live them, and visuals can still escape our memories. In her July 19, 2017, Content Wrangler webinar, The Science behind...

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How Structured Content Makes Chatbots Helpful

Remember when context-sensitive help was the revolutionary way to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time in the right way? Just a few years ago, many technical communication teams did nothing but create context-sensitive documentation for software products. They aimed to provide contextually relevant, helpful content based on what the customer was doing in the software at any given moment. These forward-thinking teams deconstructed large technical documents into discrete chunks, which they then hooked into the product interface. Customers no longer had to paw through a fat user manual or poke around in an online...

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Building Chatbots with Intelligent Content

Industry analysts predict that chatbots and intelligent personal assistants will overtake traditional web interfaces as the primary consumer touchpoint, that they will replace or augment mobile apps, and they will completely transform customer service. If those predictions don’t boggle your mind, read them again. Is your content team ready for that future? Most aren’t. The good news is that with some engineering, chatbots can employ and extend an existing content repository. Intelligent content allows us to use single-source publishing to push content out to interactive channels, including those that involve chatbots and intelligent assistants. Possible benefits: Boost the ROI of existing...

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Enterprise Content Strategy: A Project Guide

The following is an excerpt from Enterprise Content Strategy: A Project Guide, by Kevin P. Nichols, the fifth book in The Content Wrangler Content Strategy Series of books from XML Press (2015). Enterprise Content Strategy: A Project Guide Chapter 7. Publish and Measure Phases Anyone who has written anything or aspires to be a writer knows that the word publish can bear a profound power. However, within a content strategy, publish functions as a mere step within a content lifecycle where content becomes exposed to an audience. Publish represents the culmination of several steps, and as a step itself, it lives within a...

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