Using Google To Locate XML Files

If you’re interested in XML, don’t forget to search the “constantly updated, massive index of XML files known as Google”. Author and XML guru Bob DuCharme says Google is “quite a resource” and explains, in his column for, how to search the Google index to locate XML files on the web. Learn how harnessing the power of Google can help you discover how others are using XML, the DocBook DTD, RDF and...

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Smart Documents: Now There’s A Good Idea!

The need to create smart documents was the focus of the keynote presentation at this year’s XML USA Conference. Keynote presenters Jon Udell of InfoWorld and Shantanu Narayen of Adobe Systems discussed the importance of creating intelligent XML documents that add real world business value, while acknowledging some of the obstacles preventing widespread adoption. According to a report from—Intelligent Documents Headline XML 2003—Jon Udell “spoke of the importance of context in everyday communication. He noted that the most prevalent forms of business communication, email and instant messaging, tended to preserve the least context. It was a shame to...

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The Results Are In—Metri-Mark 2003 Documentation Manager’s Survey

Metri-Mark, a marketing research and consulting firm, recently released the results of their 2003 Documentation Manager’s Survey. Here’s a summary: More than half of the respondents say they work in the “high tech” industry (51.8%) and are most concerned about the “quality” (34.2%) and the “accuracy”(35.6%) of the content they create. No big surprises there! They say their bosses don’t include them as early in the development process as they should— sometimes (47.3%) or never (20.2%)—but, that’s okay because they feel appreciated (51.8%) and are fairly compensated (47.7%). A third of the repsondents say they make an annual salary of...

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Producing Quality Documentation: It’s All About Process

By David Bringhurst, Marketing Manager, Gasper Corporation At first glance, writing seems somewhat esoteric. Those who believe they can’t write view the act as beyond their ken. I have chosen the word “act” with care. I think it is because people view writing as an act-something that you just do, something you have to get right the first time-that they believe they cannot do it. However, I think that, with the right guidance, just about anyone can be, at the least, an accurate and clear writer. What’s more, I think it is important that they be one. At Gasper...

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Separating Content From Format

By Bob Boiko For the consumer, format and content are inseparable; Not so for the content manager In addition to being the way that you encode a file, format is more commonly known as the qualities that you use to visually render content. If I use the word format without qualifiers in this work, I mean this sort of format. Typographic qualities such as bold, italic, and underline, as well as layout qualities such as tables, right alignment, and margins, are all part of this definition of format. Although I dwell most on text formats in this work, the...

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