The Need for Multilingual Search Engine Optimization

[Editor’s note: This article is an expansion on Richard’s contribution to the Language of Content Strategy and a precursor to the talk he’ll be doing at the 2015 Information Development World in San Jose.] It’s my view that the web is global and any online strategy requires a language element to some extent. To explain […]

Interview: The Wrangler on International Communication, Nightclub DJs, and Higher Education

In this 45-minute video interview for connexions magazine, the international professional communication journal, Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler waxes poetic on the state of communication today. Highlights include The Wrangler’s view on outdated communication practices, rules, and standards; how working as a nightclub DJ prepared him for his current career as an intelligent content strategist; […]

In Music and Content Marketing, It’s All About Creativity: An Interview with Jon Wuebben

Danielle Villegas had an opportunity to talk with Jon Wuebben, the best-selling author of the content marketing book, Content Rich: Writing Your Way to Wealth on the Web, and founder/CEO of Content Launch, a leading content marketing software company. Jon will be speaking at the upcoming Information Development World conference, September 30-October 2, 2015 in San Jose, […]

The Importance of The Human Voice in Multilingual Multimedia Content

In the June issue of Multilingual Magazine I interview Todd Resnick, founder of The Voice Company, a voice over production company that specializes in adapting content to make it more meaningful, appropriate, and effective for a particular culture, locale, or market using the human voice. By combining aspects of content strategy, acting, storytelling, and localization with audio […]

Got Great Content? Enter The Customer Experience Recognition Awards Today

Does your information development team deserve recognition for the good work they’re doing? Then consider entering the Customer Experience Recognition Awards (CERAs). The annual award ceremony, which takes place during the Information Development World conference, recognizes outstanding contributions to exceptional customer experiences by information developers (the folks responsible for creating content) in a variety of disciplines including […]

Why You Should Attend Information Development World 2015

Two years ago, Val Swisher and I sat down and tried to figure out how to solve one of the biggest communication challenges facing businesses today: Schizophrenic brand experiences caused by unnecessarily incongruent content. Content produced by different teams of information developers, in different ways, with different words, with different tools, using different tones of voice, different […]

Intelligent Content in the Experience Age

In the Experience Age, consumers expect much more from brands than they have in the past. Once they’ve enjoyed an exceptional customer experience, they become intolerant of confusing, irrelevant, and inconsistent content. Brands that recognize this fact and deliver exceptional content experiences across all customer touchpoint will be rewarded with loyalty. In order to deliver […]

The Counterpoint of Content Flow

By Karl Montevirgen, special to The Content Wrangler As content creators and consumers, we’re all aware of the multiple dynamics at play when it comes to viewing and creating content. Content has a kind of flow.  It directs movement within and between pieces of content, exhibiting diverse rhythms, densities, and forms. Content flow, as we perceive […]

“What Software Do We Need?” Is The Wrong First Question

By Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler As a content strategy consultant, I’m often called upon by brands seeking to find ways to solve complex content challenges. Far too often, they start off their quest for a solution by asking the wrong first question: “What software do we need?” This is the wrong first question for […]

[Slide Deck] How To Use Neuroscience To Create Memorable Presentations

Did you know that audiences forget 90% of what you present? That is significant. To make matters worse, the 10% people remember differs between members of your audience. So how can you control the 10% they remember? In the past decade, brain imaging technology has dramatically increased our understanding of the brain. We now know […]

[Slide Deck] Clear and Simple: Lower Your Content Costs with Global English

If you missed The Content Wrangler Virtual Summit on Advanced Technical Communication Practices, you’re in luck. You can watch the recordings on-demand, whenever you like. This session was delivered by Matthew Kaul and Greg Adams of In this webinar, Matt and Greg explain what Global English is and who it benefits. The duo will also introduce you to […]

[Slide Deck] The ROI of Intelligent Content

If you missed The Content Wrangler Virtual Summit on Advanced Technical Communication Practices, you’re in luck. You can watch the recordings on-demand, whenever you like. This session was delivered by Mark Lewis, Quark. You CAN prove the savings possible from moving your unstructured content to intelligent content. The benefits are measurable. Intelligent content combined with a content management system can […]