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Review: The Science Behind Memorable Visuals

It’s intuitive to believe that visuals are more memorable than text. To a degree, science confirms this. Research shows that visuals impact recall because they help viewers process information faster and assist them to pay attention by being more engaging than text. But there is such a thing as a forgettable visual. Think of all the information you encounter in a typical week. How much of it do you remember? We forget our lives almost as quickly as we live them, and visuals can still escape our memories. In her July 19, 2017, Content Wrangler webinar, The Science behind...

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Content Delivery: The Misunderstood Piece of the Product Content Puzzle

Product content. It’s critical to business success. When done well, it can inform, educate, and motivate. It can help us save money. And, it can even drive sales—but only if it’s delivered to the right person at the right time, in the right language and format, and on the device of the consumers’ choosing. Content professionals spend a lot of time talking about the content creation and content management phases of the content lifecycle, but they seldom talk much about delivery. That’s because delivery is often misunderstood. And, it can be challenging. It requires a different skill set and...

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[WEBINAR] Shaping Content with the Deep Magic of Taxonomy

It’s often really hard for users to find the information they need, and that’s why content teams reach for taxonomy. The hope is that consistently labeled pieces of information will be easier to search and navigate. But the effort and discipline to adopt a taxonomy can be daunting. Will it take months of analysis and training? Will fitting everything into neat containers destroy authors’ creativity? Taxonomy does take effort, but when it’s done properly, the benefits more than justify the pain. More than just labeling information and parceling it into neat boxes, it’s about understanding the underlying concepts that...

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[WEBINAR] Evaluating Localization Providers: Results from a GALA Community Project

Localization managers often complain that it’s difficult to assess and compare language services vendors – that they all look alike. When you add the challenge of understanding the supply chain for translation and localization services, even the most experienced procurement staff struggle to understand the complexities of pricing, supplier types, services, subcontracting relationships, and specialties. Some try to solve the problem with complicated RFPs, but find this is only marginally successful. To address this common challenge, language industry experts from the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) community formed a working group and carried out research to determine the fundamental parameters...

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[Webinar] Information Architecture as an Organizing Discipline

“Information” and “architecture” are broad and abstract concepts, but when they combine as “information architecture,” their scope is often narrowed and concretized to focus on the design of web applications with an emphasis on the presentation layer. We can reclaim this breadth and abstraction by reframing information architecture as an “organizing discipline” that intentionally organizes resources to enable interactions with them. This perspective on information architecture puts conceptual modeling at the foundation and facilitates the discovery and reuse of organizing principles and patterns for arrangements and interactions. It enables information architects to work effectively on a much wider range...

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