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Richard Hamilton

Richard Hamilton is publisher at XML Press. Formerly a manager of technical documentation at Hewlett-Packard, Richard began his career at Bell Laboratories, where he worked on communication software, the UNIX operating system, and internationalization software. He is a member of the DocBook and DITA Technical Committees at OASIS. He is the author of Managing Writers: A Real-World Guide to Managing Technical Documentation (XML Press,...

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XML Press

XML Press was founded in 2008 to publish books and ebooks on writing, management, content strategy, technology, and social media. Our goal is to give technical communicators, content strategists, marketers, and managers practical knowledge that helps them do their jobs more effectively. Our publications are available through most retailers and may also be purchased for business, educational, or promotional...

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Talia Eisen

Talia Eisen is the Marketing Manager for Aha Media Group. She also serves as a content strategist for the company. Talia received her BS in Marketing from Sy Syms School of Business and her MBA from Bar Ilan University in Israel. Email: Twitter: LinkedIn: Website:

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Stefan Gentz

Stefan Gentz is a business consultant, trainer, and speaker with a focus on technical documentation, marketing, and translation. A certified Quality Management professional, ISO 9001 / EN 15038 auditor, and Six Sigma (6σ) Champion, Stefan has over 15 years of content management, authoring and translation tools, techniques, processes, and strategies experience. As the Worldwide TechComm Evangelist at Adobe, Stefan Gentz’ mission is to inspire enterprises and technical writers around the world and show how to create compelling technical communication content with Adobe tools. Stefan Gentz has a +18 years experience as a business consultant, trainer, and speaker with a...

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Sharon Burton

Sharon Burton helps companies get the most value out of content and content development processes. Towards this end, she consults, teaches, and writes for companies and organizations large and small. Her graduate training is as a cultural anthropologist, where she worked with hammock vendors in rural Mexico. The post-sales part of the customer experience is where the interesting problems are found. By evaluating and recommending improvements to your product instructions, I can decrease customer churn and improve the customer lifetime value. I improve the customer experience by optimizing the internal workflow around creating your product instructions, consult on webinars...

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