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Diversifying Content Strategy To Improve Customer Engagement

Guest post by Laurel Nicholes and Niki Vecsei Harrold Prior to presenting, Content Potluck: Bringing Everyone to the Community Table (during the Virtual Summit on Advanced Practices in Technical Communication) we authored a quick-read blog post in which we defined content potluck and outlined how to find champions in your organization to move a project forward. Today, we follow up on that effort. We provide tips for diversifying content strategy by supporting a content potluck. We also provide some advice on organizing your content production and distribution efforts using a collaborative editorial calendar. During the Summit, we asked attendees to answer questions designed to capture current practices and...

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Content and Crisis: Translators Without Borders 

By Karl Montevirgen, special to The Content Wrangler When a crisis unfolds, the accuracy and speed of communications take on a heightened role. Language, in the most general sense, becomes something of an accelerant. Its rate of movement overtakes that of the organized deployment of resources and services, multiplying both the containment and distribution of risk with a velocity that is at once exponential and multi-directional. When the flow of communication breaks down, language itself becomes the site of a flashpoint. It spawns yet another crisis atop the initial one. It’s easy to imagine how a communications crisis can...

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Why I Think Books Must Die

By Noz Urbina, special to The Content Wrangler I just finished two lengthy interviews with Bob Glushko, adjunct professor at the University of California Berkeley School of Information. Bob is the author of multiple books, a pioneer in the world of structured information in business, and (my favorite), an honorary member of the Cognitive Science Society. I also just finished teaching a course at the University of Graz on adaptive content modeling and I am working away on my first drafts of a book on the same topic. As it turns out Bob and I are both pushing the...

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Terminology Management: A Critical First Step in Adopting a Content Strategy

Content is king, it is commonly said. Writers, editors, proofreaders, and other content professionals have promoted this line of thinking over the years, usually when technology creeps into their turf, promising to help them better create, structure, manage, and deliver content to those who need it — sometimes, without their help. “Don’t forget about the content,” they remind us. And, as it turns out, they’re right. Content is the lifeblood of an organization. More often than not, content is an organization’s most valuable asset. And yet, despite the critical importance of content, at the terminology level, it is seldom...

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“Word Up!” Gets APE’d by Guy Kawasaki (That’s a Good Thing)

  By Marcia Riefer Johnston Many thanks to The Content Wrangler, Scott Abel, for introducing me to Guy Kawasaki’s inspiring work and for encouraging me to tell this story. —Marcia Recently, I had an experience that any writer would give an arm for. I had my book APE’d by Guy Kawasaki. Who’s Guy Kawasaki? When big companies want a speaker to inspire their employees, they call Guy. Guy has four million Google+ followers. Guy has, among other things, a dozen books to his credit, including the New York Times bestseller Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions....

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