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4 Ways To Create Content That Converts

People dance around the topic of conversion with content marketing but never really explain how it actually pays for itself with sales. Maybe they don’t want to share their trade secrets—or maybe they don’t know. What we know is that is content can deliver sales if done right. Here are some approaches to consider. #1 Find a Niche Developing content to further marketing means writing to your target audience and addressing their concerns. That means drilling down. Start with your company’s unique selling propositions: what makes it great and how does it serve the customers? That can kick off ideas....

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How Global Is Your English: 8 Ways To Keep It Simple And Save Big

What the *&^! does that mean? We’ve all said it. Well, we’ve all said something like that. In fact, you can’t know what *&^! stands for. It’s ambiguous. If even I don’t know what word should go there, how in the world would a translator know what to do with it? Why make your translator’s job harder—and more expensive—than it has to be? Why not remove ambiguity in the first place? That’s what Global English helps writers do. Along the way, it saves companies big translation bucks. Greg Adams, a managing editor at Cook Medical, gives this example: “After...

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How To Use Neuroscience To Create Memorable Presentations

Did you know that audiences forget 90% of what you present? That is significant. To make matters worse, the 10% people remember differs between members of your audience. So how can you control the 10% they remember? In the past decade, brain imaging technology has dramatically increased our understanding of the brain. We now know more about the way our brains process information and ultimately remember it. Take a peek at this slide deck, part of a presentation by neuroscience maven Dr. Carmen Simon of RexiMedia to discover how you can begin to apply principles from cognitive neuroscience to create...

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Fandom Isn’t Random: How To Cultivate A Loyal Customer Base

If you missed The Content Wrangler Virtual Summit on Advanced Technical Communication Practices, you’re in luck. You can watch the recordings on-demand, whenever you like. This session was delivered by Andrew Thomas, SDL. Andrew Thomas delivers a fast-paced look at how to leverage content to cultivate a loyal customer base. Andrew is Director of Product Marketing for Content Management Technologies at SDL, focusing on structured content technologies. Andrew has worked with XML for a wide variety of content, from marketing materials, to printed manuals and web applications. He’s witnessed firsthand, the diversity of structured content and how it can empower businesses and customer engagement. Before joining...

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7 Original Ways to Use Tumblr for Content Marketing

By Rohan Ayyar One of the relatively newer social media platforms (Tumblr was founded in 2007), Tumblr has seen some spectacular growth in the last couple of years. With about 189 million blogs hosted on Tumblr, 93 million new posts every single day, and about 42% of the entire domestic traffic of the United States visiting Tumblr blogs, it is well and truly a force to reckon with. If Tumblr’s usage statistics are impressive, its user statistics are even more so. The omnipresent Neil Patel points out on QuickSprout that 65% of Tumblr users have a college degree, with 56%...

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