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Surprise! American Workers Are Big Time-Wasters — Facebook, Video Games, Email Biggest Time-Suckers

Americans pride themselves at being good at many things. Now, we can add to the list thee ability to waste 2 out of every eight hours we spend at work. This news comes to us via the results of a recent survey from American Online and The results, encapsulated in this attractive infographic from, show that American workers spend most of the time they are wasting on social networks, playing video games (seriously), emailing and instant messaging. Workers in Missouri, Indiana (go Hoosiers!), Kentucky, Wisconsin and Nevada appear to be the biggest offenders. But, it’s not like...

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Technical Communication Management Compensation and Career Outlook

The field of technical communication in the United States is experiencing big changes, both good and bad. On the one hand, communicators who have advanced, specialized skills, as well as those with expertise in law, science, and technology, are in demand. On the other hand, in some geographic areas, it’s difficult for displaced technical communication professionals to find employment, especially in sectors that have been hard hit by economic challenges. An increasingly competitive global marketplace combined with the decline of traditional manufacturing in the US has led to layoffs and the outsourcing or off-shoring of many techcomm jobs. That...

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