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Websites: Design vs. Style—An Interview With Charles Cooper, The Rockley Group

In this exclusive interview with Charles Cooper (Vice President of The Rockley Group), Scott Abel (The Content Wrangler) discusses the difference between design and style, and asks Cooper to help us understand why so much of the content we create is not really useful to end users. TCW: Charles, thanks for taking time to chat with us today. For those of our readers who don’t know who you are or what you do, tell us a little about yourself and the company you work for. CC: I’m Vice President of The Rockley Group. We’re a consultancy that specializes in content, content management and helping people get the information they need. We focus on how people interact with information on a daily basis. We consider what they need, how the information is created, used, reused and how it is presented. And we wrote one of the best selling books on the subject Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy. TCW: We’ve had some great conversations about the future of publishing and the impact that XML and web technologies are having on how we create, manage, and deliver information to those who need it. But, we’re still shocked at how many knowledge workers today – especially writers and other content creators – don’t fully understand the difference between “style” and “design”, two concepts that are central to separating content from its...

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The Real Promise of DITA: Dynamic Content – An Interview with Eric Severson, Flatirons Solutions

TCW: Eric, thanks for agreeing to chat with us today. Before we dive into dynamic content and DITA, please tell us a little bit about yourself and the company you work for. Eric: I’d be happy to. I’m a founder and Chief Technology Officer of Flatirons Solutions, which is a mid-size consulting and systems integration firm focused on content management, digital asset management, and XML-based publishing applications. My own career goes back about 20 years in the content management and XML/SGML world, and I’ve been pretty active in the community. I’m currently on the IDEAlliance board, and am also a past president of OASIS both vendor consortiums focused on practical applications of XML. TCW: It seems like were on the verge of some pretty amazing changes in the way we provide information to customers. What, as you see it, are some of the most exciting things happening in the content management arena? Eric: To me, the real excitement is when technologies come along that change the whole way we do things, rather than just incrementally improving on what we’ve done before. The World Wide Web was such a game-changing technology; so was the invention of the printing press and the telephone. Today, the most exciting thing I see is the reality of a concept I call dynamic content delivery—delivering the right information to the right people, at the right...

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