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The Last of Us: Flash Fiction Short Stories

By Martin Magee, special to The Content Wrangler I’m a member of a gay men’s writer’s group called “Guywriters,” a group whose membership numbers seven. We’re very dedicated, meeting monthly, even in December and January, as well as during the pleasant summer months. The talent in this group is pretty amazing. Almost everyone has been published and all have written some beautiful stories. We’re not competitive with each other; we enjoy each other’s successes. When I first joined the group, I was so intimidated by the talent that I considered leaving the group. I quickly realized that was the reason I should stay. Scott...

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San Francisco Center for the Book: Old School Print Mint

By Erik J. Martin, special to The Content Wrangler Here’s a news flash hot off the presses: old school bookmaking and antique printing techniques are making a comeback, despite the digital age. And folks with an artistic flair and a yen for creating something with their own hands stand to benefit—thanks to the San Francisco Center for the Book and other similar facilities across the country that are taking a page out of the past by teaching and preserving the fine art of making tangible tomes. San Francisco Center for the Book Part school, part museum, part studio, and...

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“Weird Al” Yankovic: Word Crimes

From the album, Mandatory Fun, comes this brilliant parody video by “Weird Al” Yankovic. Set to the music of the hit single, Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke featuring Pharrell Williams and T.I., this video will delight wordsmiths with a penchant for grammatical and linguistic...

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Portlandia: Social Bankruptcy

Ever get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tweets, Facebook updates, and instant messages being pushed at you each and every moment of every single day? Don’t fret. The brilliant minds behind Portlandia have a solution for you: Social...

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[Office Humor] What If In-Person Meetings Ran Like Conference Calls?

What if in-person meetings had the same characteristics as conference calls?  The folks at Leadercast have created a hilarious comedy video illustrating what a world of in-person meetings would be like if conference call type challenges were introduced. A world of VOIP noises, software crashes, and unnatural delays. A world in which dogs are barking, children are crying, and dueling cappuccino machines are heard screeching in the background. Give the video a whirl. Laugh out loud. Then share the fun with others....

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