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Delivering Personalized Content Experiences: Segmenting Content and Audience

I’ve got a confession to make. It’s kind of embarrassing. But, here goes. I don’t practice what I preach. That’s right. Not. At. All. And that’s got to change. Although I have spent most of my professional life evangelizing the need for others to deliver personalized content—the right content to the right people, at the right time, in the right format—I haven’t been doing it myself. Yes, I know how stupid that sounds. I know the steps involved in delivering personalized content experiences. I even teach others how to do it. I just don’t do it myself. Delivering Personalized Content...

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Hemingway’s Pebbles and Today’s Business Communicator

I never loved the English language until it was taken away from me. As an exchange student in Austria during my senior year in high school, my ears were suddenly deprived of familiar words and cadences. Speaking in and listening to German took painfully conscious effort. During that year, letters from home quenched more than my thirst for news; they plunged me into English. I was a fish back in water. One day, several months into my stay, I discovered a stash of British and American novels in the school library. I happened to pick up The Hemingway Reader....

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Tech Writers: Do They Have A Role In Content Marketing?

By Tom Johnson, I’d Rather Be Writing This past year I’ve been hearing a lot about addressing the whole customer journey, or developing a unified customer experience strategy. Companies need to have consistent content for every touchpoint with the customer, from the time the users are prospects to the time those users become customers and beyond. When users are exploring a company, they may listen to a webinar, watch an overview video, explore a demo site, read a blog article, download a white paper, and so on. After they buy the product, they may interact with other types of content:...

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Why Thought Leaders Aren’t Usually The Best Trainers

Writing a book is a popular way to gain attention as an expert in your field. Being seen as an expert is a goal for many thought leaders, and a primary reason many of these forward-thinking folks write books. But, writing a book is also an invaluable way to learn more about your topic and the many ways there are to explain that subject to others. Writing a book compels you examine the way you explain things. It forces you to defend your ideas. It requires you spot and address deficiencies in your way of thinking. It equips you with fresh vantage points and constructive criticism...

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The Content Wrangler on International Communication, Nightclub DJs, and Higher Education

In this 45-minute video interview for connexions magazine, the international professional communication journal, Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler waxes poetic on the state of communication today. Highlights include The Wrangler’s view on outdated communication practices, rules, and standards; how working as a nightclub DJ prepared him for his current career as an intelligent content strategist; why breaking down content silos can help help us provide better customer experiences with content; and, what educators should be doing to prepare our students for future careers in today’s mobile, global business world. Interview with Scott Abel – connexions interview for issue 2(1),...

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