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Mastering SEO: The Complete Guide to LSI Keywords

The Complete Guide to LSI Keywords Think you know pretty much everything about on-page search engine optimization (SEO) techniques? There are many resources available to teach you how to improve your on-page optimization, but most of them tend to miss an important and lesser-known concept called Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). If you haven’t heard of LSI keywords—or don’t know much about them—The Complete Guide to LSI Keywords will help you improve your knowledge. Before you know, LSI keywords will be an integral part of your SEO strategy. A short note before we dive in. This article won’t discuss topics like off-page SEO, link building...

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Hypertext

By Mark Baker, Analecta Communications Inc. The Hypertext Nobbling Committee (HNC), that secret cabal of marketers, publishers, writers, and designers dedicated to breaking the Web, has been busy of late. Their latest ploy: the one page site in which all the content is presented in one continuous scroll and any links simply lead from one part of the page to another. The aim of the HNC is to reestablish linearity and hierarchy in the creation, management, and consumption of content. The one page site fits this mission perfectly. It makes it harder to find information within the page via...

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Content Strategists Must Become Engineers of Content-Driven Customer Experiences

It’s amazing what you can learn by hanging out in airports. If you pay close attention, you’ll find airports are loaded with valuable business lessons waiting to be discovered. For content strategists seeking to prevent themselves being trapped working in a web silo, airports illustrate why it’s not enough to focus our content strategy efforts on the web. When I visit a new airport, I notice the architecture, the lighting, the sound, the colors, the signage, the availability of services, and increasingly, the way technology is used to improve efficiency. During a recent visit to London Heathrow, I marveled...

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It’s Time To Start Separating Content From Behavior

by Mark Baker, Analecta Communications Inc. When structured markup (SGML/XML) was invented, in the previous millennium, the elevator pitch was “Separate content from formatting.” In those barbaric times, burly men would go into the woods, kill trees, grind them into paste, roll out the paste in sheets, and press ink onto the sheets, as a means of distributing information. Content was static; all it had was appearance or “formatting” and separating content from formatting was all that was needed to make content usable for different purposes. When we killed trees to distribute information, separating content from formatting was sufficient. In our...

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