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Factors to Consider When Assessing Globalization and Localization Providers

The supply chain for translation, globalization, and localization confounds many organizations seeking the support of language service providers. Even companies with dedicated and experienced procurement staff face challenges in understanding the complexities of pricing, supplier types, services, subcontracting relationships, and specializations available in the global marketplace. Many companies attempt to address this challenge by creating new Requests for Proposal (RFP) or Requests for Information (RFI) for each project. But most RFP/RFIs are only marginally useful in helping to evaluate service providers. Due to the lack of consistent ways to evaluate vendor capabilities across the spectrum of business needs – for...

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Five Reasons Freelancers Make More Money Writing White Papers

Are you looking to drum up some new business? Want to get more dollars from existing clients? Are you a starving writer? White paper expert Michael A. Stelzner, author of Writing White Papers: How to Capture Readers and Keep Them Engaged, provides the following reasons white papers could dramatically increase your writing revenue: 1. Demand exceeds supply: There are not enough writers who know how to write white papers. Businesses are aggressively looking to write more white papers. Master the art and count your dollars. 2. You can charge more for a white paper: White papers help businesses generate leads and close sales-thus they are directly tied to revenue. For many businesses, only one or two sales from a white paper return the investment. 3. Businesses pay top dollar for white papers: Word for word, nothing beats a white paper. A good white paper writer charges between $3,000 and $10,000 for a 10-page white paper. This is the most lucrative writing business out there. 4. White papers can be multi-purposed: A well-written white paper can be converted into a contributed article or be used as content on a website. This adds more value to a white paper project. 5. Many businesses need multiple white papers: If you prove yourself with an excellent white paper, there is a high likelihood your client will want other white papers written. This can...

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