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Valentine: The Digital, Device-Independent Comic Available Via Wireless In 14 Languages

By Alex de Campi Imagine a graphic novel series, released every month simultaneously in 14 languages and across all major wireless platforms (Kindle, EPUB, Android, iPhone), hopefully soon via the web and, eventually, in collected print editions. Every month, you pay 99 cents and get 70-75 screens of action, adventure and suspense. In its first fortnight after launch, in the difficult final weeks of December and with no marketing and without all our distributors yet on stream, the first episode had 5,000 downloads — of which English was in the minority. (There were over 100 downloads in Irish, which some call a “dead” language! And Latin is next…seriously.) So, what is this publication and what innovative publishing house is behind it, you might ask? It’s Valentine­ — an original supernatural thriller set during Napoleon’s retreat from Russia that I am co-writing with artist Christine Larsen — and, at the moment, none. It’s just two American girls who got in over their heads. Valentine became what it is today as a result of philosophizing about future models of publishing, and our real-life needs to have the book start paying for itself quickly. This was one of the reasons for choosing wireless distribution: it’s easier to sell downloads on phones and eReaders than charge for content on a website. We are a Creative Commons work, which means that we acknowledge that...

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10 Irresistible Potholes Writers Find On The Road To Globalization

By Mike Dillinger, PhD, Translation Optimization Partners (with contributions from Laurie Gerber) Previously published in ClientSide News Optimizing the translation process has two basic components: improving the writers’ source texts and improving the translators’ process. For the moment, we’ll focus on the writer’s job. Dear Translator: Please remember that most writers never had any training at all about translation and usually know one lonely language. Many of them can only rely on the limited writing advice that they got in school. They’re never aware of how they can make life hellish for translators and for international readers. So, don’t...

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Current Topics in Medical Localization

By Richard Sikes, special to The Content Wrangler; Reprinted with permission, MultiLingual magazine, Copyright March 2006, issue #78 If two localization professionals begin to chat about the special problems that their work entails, a fair amount of energy is developed. Get five or six on the phone in a conference call, and the energy abounds. Multiply that by six or seven in a round table setting, and a synergistic “wow factor” really sets in. Professionals responsible for localization work in the pharmaceutical and medical-device industries deal with a special set of problems that those in the “classical” localization industry do not. When they have an occasional chance to meet under the auspices of the Localization World conference in a round table setting just for them, they discover through that forum that they and their peers share many top-of-mind concerns. Such sharing is unique and contrasts starkly with other industries. The Medical Localization Round Table is the only forum for pharmaceutical and device companies to discuss translation and localization issues. Medical localization shares many attributes with other realms of the industry such as software localization, and there are many areas of overlap, such as medical imaging software, for example. But there are also profound differences. A poor or inaccurate translation may generate a smirk factor when it occurs in the context of a consumer software program. It may be annoying...

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“One Site Fits All” Doesn’t Fit

The Web has absolutely improved the world for shopping. With a few minutes effort, you can get almost anything… from almost anywhere. The opportunities are endless. On the flip side, e-commerce companies can now attract customers from almost anywhere at any time. With a solid, usable site, the world is their customer base, right? Maybe. Organizations struggle with globalization-localization issues. Can one site fit all? Can parts of the design be standardized? Which parts need to be localized? Human Factors International shares the results of recent...

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