We love tools — hand tools, power tools, and software tools — especially those tools that automate time-consuming manual tasks and make us more productive. Here at The Content Wrangler, we test a wide variety of tools. Most of them don’t make the cut. They fail to provide significant value, so we discontinue using them.

But, every once in a while, we stumble onto tools that are so incredibly useful that we add them to our arsenal. And this is the place where we tell you all about them.

Recent discoveries

Sprout Social

Do you need a one-stop shop for your social content marketing efforts. If so, you should consider giving SproutSocial a whirl. It’s a social media control center. Connect up your social accounts, load in some news sources (RSS feeds, even your Google Reader feed list), and use SproutSocial to publish social content, track its impact, and generate reports.

You can interact with all of people in your social network from the SproutSocial dashboard. There’s an app for both iPhone and Android and a bookmarklet to help you publish posts about content you discover while surfing the web (although it does not currently work with Safari). And, you can add team members to your account, allowing them to publish content to your social channels. A task manager allows you to assign team members tasks, and a scheduling tool allows you to publish content in advance, in accordance with your editorial calendar (you do have an editorial calendar, don’t you?).