There’s been a lot of talk about convergence between marketing and technical communication over the past few years. Most of the ideas being discussed are focused on finding ways to improve customer experience by unifying content production and distribution efforts, but few companies are actually making a concerted attempt to break down the silos that prevent collaboration. Adobe aims to change that.

This October 10-12, Adobe will attempt to bridge the gap between technical communication and marketing professionals by bringing together content creators from both camps to learn about structured content. The effort is called Adobe DITA World, an online event to which the software maker expects to attract over 1,000 marketing and technical communication experts from around the globe.

The three-day virtual confab aims to showcase experts in the fields of content management, content strategy, content engineering, translation, and localization in order to help “connect the dots” between marketing and technical communication content.

The Content Wrangler is pleased to be named the official media partner of Adobe DITA World. Founder and Chief Wrangler, Scott Abel, will serve as the opening keynote presenter. He’ll discuss the impact of cognitive content, artificial intelligence, and agentive technologies on technical communication and marketing.

Abel will join a roster of on outstanding guest experts including technical communication and content strategy notables, Val SwisherRahel Anne Bailie, Tom Aldous, Andrea Ames, Robert Anderson, and Kristen James Eberlein.

Adobe DITA World offers three-days of programming for free. But, to attend, you’ll need to register.

Take a peek at the line-up—and if it’s a good fit for you—register today! It’s free.

If you can’t make the live event, register anyway to gain access to recorded presentations. And, make sure to follow the event on Twitter.

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