Our fifth annual Information Development World conference will take place November 27-29 in Menlo Park, CA. The intimate three-day event focuses on helping attendees learn how to design a technical content resource center where both prospective and existing customers alike can find the information they need about the products and services you offer, regardless of which department created that content.

Information Development World: What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for presenters to share case studies, lessons learned, and best practices for developing amazing customer support websites. If your company has done great work in this area, and you are able to measure the impact of those improvements on your business, we want to hear from you.

We’re planning to showcase companies that value customer experience and have worked hard to turn their online resource center into a useful one-stop shop for product and service information. Specifically, we’re interested in learning from companies that have brought together technical, training, and marketing content under one roof.

We’re also looking to hear from organizations that have implemented chatbots, live chat, voice interfaces,  infographics, video documentation, customer stories, augmented reality, podcasts, downloadable tools, personalized content, and other innovative solutions.

Submit a Presentation Proposal

If you think your team has learned lessons it could share with others, we’d like to encourage you to submit a presentation proposal. Presenters are provided a free ticket to the conference (valued at $1995) in exchange for their participation.

Questions? Just ask.

Tickets are on sale now. Early bird pricing ends soon, so grab your ticket today. This event will sell out.